Kingston Trails

The Trails

Three trails have been created to encourage you to get out and about in the Borough, stopping off at historic places, nature spots and famous landmarks. There is so much to see and we will help you to discover it!

Our bespoke maps include talking head video clips by kingston University students and local experts, who bring to life the importance of the sites. Images from past and present are also available to view along with detailed information about each site and walking directions.

The trails range from a 30 minute jaunt to a 2 hour walk, but you can modify your journey to suit your needs. We have included a ‘Google Map’ view so that you can pin point your own location in relation to the trails. The maps are compatible with most phone browsers so you’ll be able to take the experts with you and watch their videos as you go.

Heritage Trail

This trail is focused around Kingston’s town centre, taking in importance historic landmarks and ends at the Kingston Museum, where you can explore Kingston’s heritage in more depth. The trail is based upon the original Kingston Royal Walkabout ; information from the walkabout is used for the ‘Google Map’ view.


Hogsmill Stroll

This short little amble includes sites off the beaten track including an eel trap and ladder within Kingston University grounds and shows you the best places for interacting with Kingston’s flora and fauna.


River Thames Ramble

This trail starts just outside the Borough in Ham Lands, a fantastic local nature reserve and follows the Thames into Kingston’s town centre and along the outskirts of Home Park to Hampton Court Palace. Enjoy the changing scenery of sailing clubs and marinas, locks and weirs, and parks and promenades.